We all know this is a virtual county camp. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it from home. ScoutFest has been organised for you to be able to run the event from either at home with your family or at your Scout hut as a group.

Will we be able to see the others taking part?

All videos will be shared on the ScoutFest website, no sessions for Young People will be hosted on Zoom where a camera is required. We will, however, be encouraging participants to send us your photos of activities (with permission to share them on our website and on South Yorkshire Scouts’ Social Media channels).

When and where is ScoutFest?

ScoutFest is a virtual Scouting event hosted by South Yorkshire Scouts held over the weekend of 3rd – 4th July 2021.

What about sessions we have missed or wish to revisit?

Once a video has aired, you may restart it at your leisure.

After the event, we will create an archive on the South Yorkshire Scouts website.

How will we log on to view the activities?

Visit scoutfest.syscouts.org.uk and you will see a box for each section, click the one for your section (this will show the current live session).

How will we know which elements of badges to sign off?

We will provide a list of the badge elements covered by the sessions; however, as we are not able to confirm who attended each session, you will need to ask your young people for information on activities completed. You may wish to ask them for evidence for this.

How will we interact with the campfire?

The campfire will live stream on YouTube; please send us song suggestions before or during the stream and we will relay these to David our campfire master.

How will I know what equipment I will need?

In advance of ScoutFest we will share the timetable of activities and a list of any special items required to complete each activity.

How much does it cost?

This event has no charge for taking part. Some activities may require participants to buy items to take part fully, this information will be released before the event.

Do leaders have to be involved?

No, as the activities are designed for young people to complete at home, their parents/guardians will be responsible for those participating. Any safety warnings will be included in the introduction to the activity.

Can you tell us who has been on each session?

No, as there is no login required, we will not be aware of who has viewed and completed any activities.

Can we get together as a colony / pack / troop and join ScoutFest?

Of course, ScoutFest was initially designed for to be undertaken at home, but the activities can easily also be run at an ‘In person’ group ScoutFest activity day. You will need the usual permissions and risk assessments if you are meeting face to face.

Can we do the activities later?

Yes, once the videos have been released during ScoutFest they will continue to be available online so you can use at another time.

We will update these FAQs as extra questions are asked – ask us [email protected]